Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Raffine & CDC Caddis

Here's the first of a few caddis patterns using raffine for the wing. A simple 'gable' of raffine is tied in and then trimmed to length. The CDC is spun in a split thread loop and then wound forwards. The fibres visible behind the CDC are hare's mask, dyed a light yellow / olive colour.

Caddis patterns are essential for those warm evenings. We may be a little way off them yet, but there's great enjoyment to be taken in tying them in preparation.

Hook: B100 #16 -12
Thread: Moser Powersilk, orange
Thorax: yellow / olive hare's mask
Wing: Golden Brown raffine
Hackle: CDC

1 comment:

letumgo said...

Superb tying, Dave! This looks like an irresistible pattern. Great combination of materials. Excellent proportions.