Monday, 13 April 2009

CDC Loop Emerger

I have just posted a step-by-step for the CDC loop emerger:

"The CDC loop emerger, in all its guises, has become one of my favourite emerger patterns. I have posted a few pictures recently and thought it was about time I produced an SBS for the pattern. I’ve chosen a specific example to show you here, but you can change body and winging material to produce some great variations, that all have their day. Look at this on the water and you’ll see why it is so successful. It hangs beautifully in the surface with the hanging abdomen. The footprint of the emerging wing and CDC is very busy and suggests the stuggling, emerging adult."


Doug Korn said...

Dave, great tie and SBS.... I will tie some up ... thx, Doug.

Dave Wiltshire said...

Hi Doug. Thanks for the comments. Let me know how you fair with them - you won't be disappointed, I am sure ;)