Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Orvis Demonstration - Burford

This is turning out to be a busy week with work which is preventing me from getting on the river. However, on Saturday, I will be doing a demonstration at the Orvis store in Burford.

All the stores will be running events on the Friday and the Saturday. If you can, please pop in have a chat. Dennis Shaw will also be tying - and having watched a recent demonstration of his tying, you will certainly be impressed.

To get into the mind-set for Saturday, here are a couple of soft-hackled spinner patterns from last weekend:

Hook: Grip 12003 #12
Thread: 10/0 orange Powersilk
Tail: DNA frosty fibre
Abdomen: Awesome Possum, olive
Rib: As thread
Hackle: Greenwells hen

Hook: Grip 12003 #12
Thread: 10/0 Orange Powersilk, orange
Abdomen: Wapsi superfine, grey/olive
Rib: As thread
Tail: Lemon Woodduck barbs
Thorax: Peacock herl
Hackle: Coq de Leon hen, dyed light olive

I hope you can make it to say 'Hello'. I'll report back, hopefully with some photos.


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