Saturday, 4 July 2009

Comparadun's Little Brother

Fish have been very picky with the bright conditions of late and I've found that alternating between sizes of dries can help keep the success rate up. A similar pattern to ones I've posted before, but here they are for comparison:

Hooks: TMC531 #12 and TMC 900BL #20 used here
Thread: 14/0 Sheer, brown
Body: Wapsi Superfine, olive
Tail: Coq de Leon
Wing: CDC in split thread loop, olive / brown


Trout & Salmon Magazine's August advert for Deer Creek has recently been prepared, and uses some of the photos I've taken for the company.

Nik Wright has really developed Deer Creek over the last few months with a wealth of new patterns, interesting materials and he has started to collaborate with some really interesting tyers. Certainly, having photographed most of the flies for Deer Creek, I can vouch for their quality of tying. Impressive indeed.



Geoff Ray said...


The Comparadun looks a great little fly, I must get round to tying a few and giving them a go.

Take care


Dave Wiltshire said...

Thanks Geoff - good to read your comments. They are lovely little flies: land like thistle-down, ride high and rise fish.

Give them a go; you'll see what I mean.


Geoff Ray said...


I know this is from an old post, so not sure if you will pick this up. Any tips on getting the CDC to lie on top the fly to get this effect when using split thread?