Thursday, 22 October 2009

I'm steadily tying some flies for the bench at the BFFI. A few CDC loop-wing emergers, para-duns, nymphs and heavy bugs are already done. I thought it would be a nice idea to pre-tie some of my favourite river patterns - and hopefully demonstrate some of the techniques and materials I'm using.

There's a fantastic exhibition of tyers' work planned at the show. Away from Fly Tyer's row, there will be some exceptional tying displays too. Take your chance to visit their website and see who will be present. It's lining up to be a great weekend.

My copy of the 2009 edition of Hatches landed on my door mat a few weeks back. I've been making my way through it, continuing to be fascinated by some of the great articles.

It covers everything from fishing flies through to the artistic & realistic. When you delve into to it, fly tying is a hugey diverse subject. Whether your interest lies in saltwater, rivers, lakes, fully dressed salmon flies, tiny trout flies... (the list is endless really), you will find yourself appreciating the magazine. This is only the third year that Hatches has been published. This year there are a few place where the magazine an be purchased in the UK. Either way, if your over this side of the pond, it's worth ordering and having all three to hand. You won't be disappointed!


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