Saturday, 17 April 2010

Derbyshire Wye

On Thursday I made the three hour drive up to the Derbyshire Wye to tackle its crystal clear waters and wild rainbows. This is a beautiful river with challenging currents to guide the fly through - and the challenge is made all the greater by the dry-fly-only rule. A cold North Easterly was pushing through and there was very little in the way of fly life. Despite this, there were fish to be seen and some of them truly huge: wild rainbows bustling for position, some of which were perhaps 6 or 7lb.

We were fortunate in the middle of the afternoon to be treated to a hatch of Large Dark Olives to which the fish duly responded. I'll post some pictures of the successful patterns soon.

Pictures are always better than words, so enjoy the following from a cracking day:

My first wild rainbow from the Wye, in superb condition:

A lean fish, but they fight hard in the current:

My biggest fish of the day, approaching the net:

... and safely to hand - these are beautifully marked specimens and packed full of power:

Careful aerial mends were needed to battle the currents. Here's a pile cast to try and add slack into the leader and fly line and give precious extra seconds of drag-free drift:

I was also treated to this brown trout; my only of the day:

Dave Smith brings a fish to the bank:

Dave also landed this stunning brown:

A few out of season grayling (one approximately 2lb for Dave Smith!), several browns and over 30 wild rainbows between us, this was a stunning Day. My thanks to
Dave Smith and The Peacock at Rowsley.



vgb said...

That does not look like your 2wt. Looks to have been a cracking day.



Peter said...

Hi Dave
Looking forward to you posting the flies that caught on the day. I really enjoy the blog. Its interesting and inspiriational. Good fishing for the rest of the season

pedros said...

Top pics good info.
Got a couple of Days with Phil White on the Wye booked for Mid May (Monsal) and late June(Peacock) so read with real interest