Monday, 2 August 2010

Killer Bug - a new addition to the RFB

I've added a new pattern to the River Fly Box: The Killer Bug:



Andy Baird said...

Nice work Dave.
Do you use a bobbin holder when working with wire? If so, any preference for model.


Dave Wiltshire said...

Andy, I do use a holder and just use my usual Tiemco (ceramic). The pink version is tied with very thin, Hends 0.09 - you just have to carfully. I really like the immediacy of wire - every wrap is adding ballast to the fly and becomes a useful material. Minimalistic but super effective!


Unknown said...

I used to use a bobbin holder when tying my Sawyer nymphs, but you don't get the same kind of kontrol over the wire so I went back to using my hands. Problem is that wire, in difference to nylon thread, cannot be twisted or bent very much without breaking and that's just whats happening to the wire when you are winding it with a bobbin. Twisting it and bending it sharply.

If one also wants to apply as much pressure as possible on the wire, then the risk of breaking it is rather high. The problem occours mainly to those who want to tie moderatly fast though, as I do.

Dave Wiltshire said...

Whatever you feel most comfortable with. I feel I can be a little more accurate with my turns (and tension) with a bobbin holder. But I fully understand you Gustav - I would never wind a parachite hackle with pliers - but many would ;)

Midgenut said...

Considering Mr. Sawyer's other patterns and their effectiveness, I've always wondered how the Killer Bug got it's name. Great tie and I love that you're tying it his way.

Lou DiGena said...

Nice, the "Killer Bug" works well here in the States. Dave are you using Chadwick 477 or a substitute?

Dave Wiltshire said...

This is sub... but I have some originals Chadwick's on its way - but, as I said on the River Fly Box page, I don;t think geniunue Chdwicks makes a difference. It's a suggestive pattern and good presentation is the key - as with all fishing!