Sunday, 19 December 2010

Despite the Arctic-like conditions we are facing again, grayling will still take a thoughtfully presented fly. The fish will certainly be more tightly shouled, with the better fish taking up the prime lies and smaller fish jostling for position. Getting a fly to these larger fish can be a little more luck than judgement at times.

Here's a pattern which can persuade a take, especially in very clear water. A very slim profile, with very little dubbing ensures the fly is streamlined enough to cut through the water. Two tungsten beads give the the ballast - and on a #14, my preference is for a 2mm and 2.5mm bead slotted together. Note that the second bead is tied on in 'reverse' so that the counter-sunk base sits over the first bead.

The hooks are Partridge YK4G #14


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The Jersey Angler said...

Very nice tie. No grayling where I'm at but the rainbows are apt to grab this one. I'm gonna tie some up.