Saturday, 27 August 2011

Next was a short visit to the River Calder, a major tributory of the Ribble. This is a very pretty river, alternating between fast riffles and long deeper slow glides. The weather had been unseasonably cool, supressing any decent hatches. Even the caddis were slow to show and the fish were equally less willing. However, the river was holding its tea-stained appearance and I was confident of finding a few fish. Indeed it was a grayling from some faster water that kicked things off.

A change of fly was needed before approaching some very promising water. Whilst there were very few rises to be seen, the river is rich with some very tempting lies.

The net was slipped under some very pretty trout. Notice the dark colouration and apparent lack of red spots:

Trying to keep off the sky line, a cast is made just into the foam line above a weir pool:


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