Friday, 20 January 2012

CDC Quill Emerger

Another 'Quill' offering; this time one of my favourite CDC emergers:

Full tying sequence will be on the River Fly Box very soon.



Andy Baird said...

More lovely, Dave... the barring's real strong on those quills

Streamers 365 said...

Another great looking quill. Sweet work on the fly.

Moscaluri said...

Nice Job.
Ideal for the spanish selective trout and sea trout.
Congratulations for your blog.

The Jassid Man said...

Very nice looking! I especially like the color tones that all go hand in hand with each other. Just like in the nature.
Have fun tying more of those,

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to learning more, this is going to be my first season fly fishing or at the very least attempting to fly fish.