Tuesday, 14 February 2012

CDC & Elk - A guide to the pattern and its variants

Fly & Photograph by Hans Weilenmann
The CDC & Elk has earned itself a place as a modern 'classic', effective on running or still water. Hans Weilenmann has, along the way, also tied several variations of the pattern.

I am really pleased to offer here an article written by Martin Joergensen (Global Fly Fisher) which looks at the original pattern and how to tie it. This is a comprehensive guide to one of the most important modern dry flies.

Martin writes: 'People who have fished with the Dutch fly tying wizard Hans Weilenmann will undoubtedly have met the CDC & Elk. This is Hans' signature fly and probably his all time favorite fly. It's also a fly, which a lot of anglers have learned to love, including myself'.

 Hans' other patterns can be found on here.

Thanks to Martin for producing such a great guide to tying and using this fly,



Sabsman said...

Great patterns don't come much simplier than the CDC & Elk...out and out fish catcher!

Moscaluri said...

My favourite pattern for high mountain spanish's rivers.

The Jassid Man said...

This fly looks very promising. I will probably give it a chance the upcoming season.

Have fun and thanks for the interesting info,

Bill Trussell said...

Cool pattern, not only for looks but the fact it will float high in the water column.

Matttheswede said...

Hans has now also uploaded some tying videos on YouTube where he ties the CDC & Elk Opal, amongst others. Well worth having a look at.
Thanks Dave for a fantastic blog with some wonderful patterns.

Kind regards