Saturday, 4 February 2012

Emerging Quill Midge

Thinking about tying tiny dry flies, whilst the weather forecast is suggesting heavy snow, is a little odd. However, here is a pattern that works well for those mid-season, picky, smutting fish - oftenn selectively targetting tiny midge larvae and hatching adults. They can be tricky; but get a small, suggestive pattern in or under the surface file can be their undoing. Midge larvae will hang under the surface waiting to hatch and this little quill offering is worth a try:

Hook: Varivas 220BLB #22 and #24
Body: Quill, dyed red / pink
Thread: Sheer 14/0, grey
Wing: CDC plumes

I am just in the middle of shooting some new photos on tying CDC, so watch this space.



Phillip said...

Lovely small fly, looks easy to tie.

Peter said...

Hi Dave
some lovely quill patterns recently.
Will you be adding them to the FLY BOX soon?

Dave Wiltshire said...


Yes I will be Peter. Just in the middle of taking some photos, highlighting the wing technique.

Should have them finished and ready quite soon.


The Jassid Man said...

The fly looks very nice. Waiting for the upcoming ones.

Have fun tying and taking pictures of flies,