Thursday, 26 July 2012

A Tactical Approach

Stealth & Presentation: The key factors to be consistently successful and something I endeavour to get over to those that I have the pleasure of teaching and guiding on the river. I was more than a little concerned when, upon meeting up with Mike from Bristol for an evening on the river, I found the water was coloured. Where had that come from?

As we walked from the cars, my fears were somewhat aleviated as I found a small carrier that was the source of the colour. Probably horses kicking the silt upstream. Suffice to say, we were fishing upstream of this little waterway and, thankfully here, it was running clear as expected.

Keeping a low profile and using the bank as cover

Mike had wanted to spend some time looking at casting. However it was really pleasing to find that he was a really sound caster already and, after some small tweaks and explanations, he was presenting the fly really nicely. So there was nothing for it other than to find some fish. With very little surface activity and it still be over 20 degrees at 7pm it was not going to be easy.

Mike, waiting for a fish to show again

Upon finding some interested fish, it was all about crawling into position and watching and waiting before making pin point accurate casts. Mike certainly listened to all the advice and had the best chance of success.

Worth the wait - a successful but tricky downstream presentation
Finding one particular fish feeding regularly, it was tactical approach time. Whilst upstream is often favourable, this lie could only be approached by casting dowstream to it. Ensuring a drag free presentation was not easy but stealth and dogged perseverance paid off. A solid rise and a bent rod is what it's all about.

Unhooking a beautiful, wild fish
Well done Mike - great fishing!

The result of a very tactical approach

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