Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Thanks to a healthy flow

Looking back at last September's blog posts, the rivers were low and the fish highly cautious. How different this year to see the rivers flowing with a healthy push, solid weed growth and of course often coloured! It's the colour that will make the difference and whilst a tinted river often put people off, it can really give the confidence to feed.

Spotting speckled backs and flitting fins amongst shallower runs really gets the heart racing...

A decent fish in a shallow run, feeding on nymphs

To opoen my September account, it was again the rather unusual 9'6" 1 weight Maxia rod that was my choice. A couple of small nymphs worked through the likely looking runs produced several fish quickly.

Indeed, the stained water coninciding with dusk can produce some impressive 'small stream' trout:

Falling for a pink-tagged nymph, this beauty gave a stunning account of itself

I am looking forward to these healthy flows continuing right into the back end of the season!



Nicholas Steedman said...

Lovely tail on that fish Dave!

cofisher said...

Nice looking fish. Glad to hear the flows are more normal this year.

Dave Wiltshire said...

It certainly used that tail. great fun on the 1 weight!