Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The calm before the storm

Quite literally the calm before the storm! I met with Mike for some exploring of the river with nymphs on Saturday morning. We had the first cold snap of the Autumn and there was a fantastic mist lying over the fields.

A fine, mist filled morning

It was to be a day for long rods, light lines and some heavy bugs and the 10' #2 was my choice. The river was running clear and the water was cool. It was likely to take a while for the fish to really turn on. Nymphs trundled acorss the bottom would be essential for success.

Mike runs the nymphs through some inviting water

Quickly the air temperature rose, as did a few fish. Switching to the dry fly though resulted in a regular riser being spooked in the clear water.

Slower water saw some fish rising

Eventually we moved up into the middle of the beat where faster water predominated and it wasn't long before I started to connect with some grayling. Mike was working the nymphs with the long rod through some very good looking water. Soon he was feeling the stubborn pull of a handsome brown trout:

A handsome brown trout for Mike

We left the water, levels dropping and crystal clear. 24 hours later and it was a different story. Torrential rain brought the river up to levels I have never experienced. A reminder that the river, indeed any water, demands respect.

A flooded River Chew, just a few hundred yards from home


Andy Baird said...

Hi Dave - it's been a shocker this year, and this week is off the scale. There is visible damage to some sections of my home water where silt has been deposited, pools have been scoured and it's amazing the trout find any refuge. Very grim... Hope you're well. Andy

Mike Snelson said...

Hi Dave - I really enjoyed the session. I had that fish from a spot I would have normally really struggled to get into. Your guidance was invaluable. To top it all off, as soon as I finally got the cast in I needed, you then "called it" saying if, I recall, "I'd be very surprised if you didn't get a fish now..." The pictorial evidence is above!So thanks again.

Android said...

Gettin' a bit close for comfort, that flood Dave. We lived half a mile from rhe Ouse when I lived in York but one yar the flood was within 50 yards of us.....scary!

Dave Wiltshire said...

Andy - I know what you mean. We have had pools further up the river ruined, let alone what this lot of water has done. Hope we can catch up soon, you were missed at the BFFI. Hope you and yours are well.

Mike - my pleasure. Well fished.

Peter - floods are always a worry. I think we're fairly safe, but it is unnerving to see it close by. Hope we can get out for some grayling this year.