Saturday, 6 October 2012

October delivers

I had a fantastic day on searching for big grayling today on the River Anton with Nick Steedman today. Despite heavy rain the night before, the river was crystal clear and we were able sight fish for many. The weather played ball today and a gentle Autumn warmth gave a good hatch of Pale Wateries around the middle of the day meaning we were even able to switch the nymphs for the dry fly.

As ever, pictures tell a much better story:

An decent fish for me at the start of the day on a nymph

Falling to the dry fly, another plump grayling

Another fish inches over the net

Nick shows off a beautiful grayling

On display for the camera, one of Nick's cracking grayling

Another solid fish, taken on a nymph

Nick leans pressure on another good sized fish

Another fish falling to a shrimp pattern

Best fish of the day for Nick
A really great day. Well done to Nick. Certainly the season's back end is proving to be very good indeed.



Unknown said...

What a wonderful looking river Dave. An some decent fish too, thanks. Was there any hatch going on?ionne20

Dave Wiltshire said...

Pale watreries around lunchtime and some BIG caddis! Fish were intersted in duns and emergers, but surface sport was over by 1pm on the whole.

Dan Price said...

Looks like you had a good day Dave, Nick certainly has a knack with the ladies eh ;)