Saturday, 27 October 2012

Partridge Hooks

Partridge Hooks have always been reliable and of the highest quality since I can remember. However, in the last few years, they have been regenerated, thanks tothe involvement of Fishing Matters and a team of motivated and passionate individuals. The brand has been given a huge shake and up and great time and effort has been put into redeveloping this house-hold name in fly fishing. I have been introducing a few patterns tied on some of their new hooks over the past couple of years, such as the Partridge Spider hooks.

The new Product Guide

The new catalogue, including the best of the best and the newest hook patterns available, really is an impressive piece of work.

Waterhen Bloa, tied by Pro-team member Paul Procter

Each page gives details and actual sizes

Most exciting for me through is the introduction of some new patterns and extending some of the ranges. So you can imagine how pleased I am to see in the metal some of the key developments (for my fishing at least!). Certainly my focus in the the smaller sizes if the the ever-reliable Klinkhamer and the X-treme versions. The new Czech Nymph sizes are also a huge step forward.

The Klinkhamer X-treme in #22 and #24

The original Klinhamer hook, also in smaller sizes

CZF hooks in size 24

... and the incredibly vestile size 24

The new packaging details are fully explained in the product guide

I am really delighted to have been part of the Partridge Hooks Pro-Team for the past few years and look forward to getting involved with further new developments in the future. Well done to the Darryl Mooney, Mark Hamnett and the rest of the Partridge Team. The future of Partridge Hooks is bright.


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