Sunday, 14 October 2012

The 2012 Trout Season closes

As another trout season ends, it is time to start thinking seriously about grayling fishing. Truth be told though, my grayling campaign started several weeks ago. However, now those feisty beautful brown trout are off limits until April, it is a fitting time to review the 2012 season. If there was one word to sum it up, it would be...?

I know you think I will choose the word 'WET'. However, I think it is more than that. Sure, we had incredible unseasonal rain and there were days I really cursed it. However even when it meant another day on the river was ruined or another day with a client postponed, my default thought was that we needed this. The rivers have been so low and the silting, which was so evident at the start of the season, was in need of a proper flushing out.

So the one word would have to be 'replenishing'.

The unusual weather certainly made way for some interesting and exciting fishing and a sense of urgency when the rivers were 'on'. My local rivers had the best Mayfly hatches that I have seen for years. Fishing every evening during these flush hatches and fall of spinners left me thinking it couldn't get better. However each evening just seemed to keep delivering more.

When the rivers were flowing high, waiting a few days for the colour to fine down gave some memorable evening fishing too. One evening's nymphing on a small river, gave me 4 wild fish, the largest some 15" from water no deeper than  a foot, in just 30 minutes. Spectacular sport.

I have also been lucky enough to fish some very specal water this year. More importantly I have shared many of these experiences with some fantastic people.

So onto the Autumn and the promise of plenty more grayling.

It's a the AAPGAI Open weekend at Caer Beris next weekend. If you fancy a cracking day out and the opportunity to watch and learn from some of the best casters, I gather there are still some places left:

AAPGAI Open Weekend 


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cofisher said...

I'm sorry to hear your season is over. In Colorado, fishing is open year around as long as the rivers don't freeze. Good luck with the grayling.