Sunday, 14 April 2013

Hatches in the rain

The harsh Easterly winds have finally been beaten back and allowed for warmer air from the South to take control. However we have been dealt some tricky conditions. Saturday saw driving rain and squally winds. Sunday found a rising river and a similar battering with strong gusts of wind. Come on weather... give us a break!

At least the Large Dark Olives were hatching in text book form during the warmest part of Saturday and the fish obliged, lining up to feast on them The duns were finding it difficult to take to the wing as the hatch coincided with the heavist down-pours of the day. Similarly it made fishing a 'dry fly' quite challenging...

A dun's wings, drowned in the heavy rain

Sunday's efforts were rather more frustrating. After having to cancel a morning's casting due to the strong winds, with 6" on the gauge thanks to the overnight rain, the river looked in great condition. However, whilst the olives were putting in an appearance, the wind really prevented them from hanging about. Where they would usually be concentrated along foam lines and creases, they were blown all over the river. The fish just were not locked on to them. At least it was warm!

Fingers crossed for some stable and less windy weather over the coming weeks.


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