Friday, 5 April 2013

The North (Easterly) Wind Doth Blow

With that very cold wind blowing from the North East, the expected spring temperature have been stiffled. None more so over the last 24 hours thanks to the wind becoming increasingly brisk.

A reviving break with a hot cup of tea.
I spent the morning with Shaun who was learning to fly fish for the first time. Not the easiest conditions to learn in, but we found a more sheltered area and got to work on the basics. Despite the challenging conditions he was soon making some beautiful casts. So we headed to small stillwater to put some new skills into practice.

Shaun concentrates, waiting for the fish to switch on

Fully exposed to the elements, finding shelter proved challenging. However, with the sun shining (and most welcome it was too) the wind may have been in our favour - the surface being nicely disturbed.

Fishing a black tadpole pattern on a slow retrieve, it wasn't long before Shaun find himself attached to
2lb of angry, prime conditioned rainbow trout.

Shaun with a 2lb Rainbow Trout in excellent condition

Well done Shaun! A great effort today under challenging conditions.


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urbanflyman said...

well done big yin