Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Here they come!

Twelve months ago we were facing very warm, still weather and it gave some spectacular Mayfly hatches. Especially the fall of the spent spinner right into the darkness. With the cold spring of 2013, predictions are that we are a good few weeks behind the usual. However, Mayfly (Ephemera Danica) are starting to show (the first was spotted on Sunday 19th May) and, whilst the fish may not be fully 'on them' yet, caddis and Olives are readily being snatched from the surface.

I always love May and June. Can't think why...

Caddis provide sport right into darkness in the warmer evenings

Spot the stealthy wader?

A small, pretty fish tempted by a Folded-CDC Caddis

Another on the dry as the light disappears

That's a healthy bend in the rod

A super fish for Mike

Looking forward to the Mayfly really taking a grip.


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