Sunday, 26 May 2013

Two bites of the cherry...

With the forecast looking pretty poor for the coming week, getting out to make the most settled weather is essential. Whilst we are a couple of weeks behind where we should be, a few Mayfly have been showing and some lighter winds and longer spells of sunshine are exactly what was needed.

Plenty of Caddis and Alder Fly were fluttering over the water mid-morning and, although a few fish were happy to feast upon them, I couldn't help feeling they were holding back for something more substantial. And so it came. Not the flush hatches of Mayfly seen this time last year, but a steady trickle of duns by 1pm started to get the fish interested.

First cast of the year with a Mayfly imitation brought instant success and a great scrap from a very fit wild brown:

The beauty of this time of year is that, whilst you can make the most of the Duns in the middle of the day, it is always worth returning in the evening to take advantage of the fall of spent spinners. With stacks of midge filling the air, fish were happy to sit back and sip at the spread-winged spinner:


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