Friday, 26 July 2013

As the light falls

The best of the fishing is, without a doubt, as the light begins to fall. It is almost like a switch, with the fish starting to feed confidently. Blue winged Olive Spinners and sedge are all for the taking and the fish are quick to seize the opportunity with added security and raised confidence that low light levels bring. The moral is to never leave the river too early!

Taken on a size 16 para-spinner as the light disappears



The Jassid Man said...

Hi Dave!

Lovely brown trout! Congratulations!

Kind regards,
Mats Olsson

Dave Wiltshire said...

Thx Mats!

Andy Baird said...


Andy Baird said...


Dave Wiltshire said...

Andy, have you seen FF&FT this month?