Monday, 22 July 2013

Low Flows

These sustained high temperatures and lack of rain are leaving many of the rivers on their bones. This, coninciding with the brightness means the middle of the day can be tough. However, waiting until last light can pay dividends. Caddis and Blue Winged Olive spinners (Serratella Ignita, imago) will persuade the fish to rise.

This handsome fish had been rising earlier in the day, but despite it coing to the fly, the anticipation must have got the better of me and the fly came whizzing back towards me as I lifted. Several hours later and the fish was back on station, feeding happily:

A fine brownie that was sipping down spinners

Carefully drawing the fish out of the pool and netting it a little downstream allowed another fish in the same lie to continue feeding - only to be winkled out by Nick Steedman shortly afterwards: 

The cooler waters of the chalkstreams offer the chance of some good sport  even in the day time. More on that soon.


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