Wednesday, 11 November 2009

BFFI - the reflections

It was a fantastic show, as expected. Every year it seems to go from strength to strength and this was no exception. Bundles of amazing talent and some serious, serious skill to watch, experience and hopefully absorb. It wa all well supported by some serious humour and all round fun. It's great to see some friends there and meet some new ones too. If you visited, I hope you enjoyed it. If I chatted with you, thanks for coming over - your contributions made the weekend go fantastically. A big thanks to Steve Cooper for the invitation. His (and his family's) organisation and hard work has paid dividends - a great, great show.

If you couldn't make it (or even if you could!) enjoy the following:

Here's Johan's (unfinished) efforts to give the concept of tying spiders a truly different slant:

No pressure as I am watched by George Barron (a pleasure to tie next to him all weekend - a great guy and superb tyer):

Some of Roy's flies:

Ulf Hagstrom (Sweden)

Ulf Hagstrom's SRM Emerger (of which I am now a proud owner- thanks Ulf!):

Hans Weillenman (Netherlands)

Nik Dahlin (Sweden)

A copydex variant of Ulf's Killer (tied by Dennis Shaw):

Dates for 2010 are already released. I'm sure there will be more photos on the BFFI site soon.



winonaflyfactory said...

Dave, great post and photo's. Some very nice tying going on over there, Hans and the rest. I'd like to get to that point with my tying. Take care.

Dave Wiltshire said...

Thanks... I've just taken a look at your site - it looks really great. Consider it bookmarked.