Saturday, 28 November 2009

The rain has hardly stopped, and with the arrival of a Northerly breeze, winter is certainly here. With the amount of water we have had, it is amazing that the rivers have remained within their banks; unlike some areas of the country. When I crossed the River Chew the other day, it was pleasing to see a few spinners fluttering above the stream, ever hopeful of making the most of a slighly warmer, drier spell in the middle of the day. It always amazes me that upwings will hatch, even when the air temperature is so low. With the persistant wind and rain of recent weeks, my chances of casting a line have been very limited. Hopefully, the wetter weather will ease and we can get down to some proper cold-weather grayling fishing. I will certainly report back when I do.

The River Fly Box seems to be getting a good number of visitors - so thanks if you have taken a look. There are more updates soon - so you can thank the wind and rain for that at least.

~ Dave

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