Monday, 2 November 2009

River Fly Box

With over 9000 hits to the blog since last December, it has been far more successful than I could have imagined. Thanks for visiting!

I also have a new venture on the go too: the River Fly Box.

Deisgned to host a range of tutorials for tyng my favourite patterns, I have already started with half a dozen patterns or so.

Hopefully I'll have some guest tyers appear too and perhaps some galleries of photos.

Please do take a look.

River Fly Box



Neil said...

Looks great Dave! Nice photography, uncluttered, easy to follow SBS.

Sabsman said...

Great idea Dave, it would be nice to see this site develop in time into a comprehensive catologue of SBS of some of your favourite river patterns.

For relative beginners like myself websites like this are invaluable...keep it up!


Dave Wiltshire said...

Thanks for the positive feedback and encouragement.