Sunday, 16 May 2010

All that glitters...

Dry-fly colour is a much debated subject. However, on a bright day, I have found a gold coloured hook can really make a difference. These parachute emerger examples are tied on a Partridge 15G:

Hook: Partridge 15G #18
Thread: Sheer, 14/0 tan
Dubbing: Spectrablend, ginger
Post: Funky Fibre, light green
Hackle: Golden Badger



Bigerrfish said...

Those are some sweet ties!!!

Unknown said...

Myself I've never been very fond of goldplated hooks, but with a klinkhamer coloured like this I have to admit it looks quite nice. Good tie Dave.

Lou DiGena said...

It's a nice way to add flash to a dry. Nice pattern looks like it ride nice and low in the surface film.