Saturday, 29 May 2010


I have been taking many of of my fish on small sedge patterns over the last two weeks, and they don't seem to have truly turned onto the mayfly yet. So here are a couple of small pattern to try:

Hook: Varivas 2200BL #16
Thread: 14.0 Sheer, primrose
Butt and rib: Funky Flash, pearl
Body: Mink
Thorax: Hare
Wing: either CDC or Yearling Elk

Note: the sparse Elk wing is perfect for those times where the fish are very picky and often sink the fly first before taking properly. There are enough fibres to keep it afloat, but the sparseness gives a very attractive foortprint - perhaps suggesting a wounded / crippled Sedge.



Bigerrfish said...

very nice!!! I find the "note", every bit as usefull as the picture, if not more.

Unknown said...

That are some shiny flies you got there :)
I like the shape of the Varivas hook. It really fits the emerger pattern.