Friday, 18 June 2010

A few more from last weekend:

We found some fish lying at the back of a substantial hatch pool which required long and accurate casts. A few inches from the bank, along a seam of water was the essential position for a take - right in the food lane.

Gustav powering a longer cast to a rising fish:

Some of the fish were small. Not our target, but a healthy sign:

I was also encouraged to see a good number of salmon parr feeding over the gravel.

A fish for me, returned:

Well done Gustav - you fished really well and it was a pleasure to guide you. I very much hope you enjoyed your first visit to a chalkstream.



Unknown said...

it was a great day! It had it all. Sightfishing, nymphfishing, dry fly fishing, small fish, big fish, many animals around and just a great environment. Thank you ever so much for the guiding Dave, I enjoyed it very much.

Dave Wiltshire said...

My pleasure! I look forward to the return gesture next time I visit Sweden!


Unknown said...

I shall see what I can do about it ;-)