Tuesday, 15 June 2010

I fished the Wylye on Sunday, showing a Swedish visitor, Gustav, this gem of a river. We were treated to a short spell of the fish taking Mayfly:

Plenty of spinners amongst the tree tops:

Notice the grey skies towards the evening which resulted in a substantial downpour - unexpected since the weather had been fine, warm and sunny for much of the day.

A Mohican Mayfly, tied by Gustav, produced some positive reactions from the fish:

Throwing a little slack into the cast allowed a longer, drag-free drift (note the large mayfly imitation):

... and eventually a take:

More pictures soon.



Bigerrfish said...

nice lookin bug,, looking forward to the more pictures!!

vgb said...

Guess you were fishing on Sunday, it hosed down on the LRA as well. Looks like these pictures were taken on the lower end of the beat, a tough stretch to fish. Were you wading in slippers?