Thursday, 21 July 2011

As hoped, the recent rainfall has had a very positive effect upon the rivers and Thursday saw the stream in fine condition. There was plenty of water pushing through and livening up some of those skinnier runs which have been in so much need of the rain. Fish were rising as I watched from the foot bridge and the prospect of finding some feeding fish was very high.

When Nick S joined me, he spotted a good fish lurking beneath the bridge. Anticipation was high with plenty of BWO duns and spinners and caddis taking to the air. Whilst I successfully managed to miss the first few fish I rose, we eventually started to make some positive contact. Whilst we started with smaller fish, it wasn't long before we were to experience a small stream red letter day:

Nick's first fish was a super fit specimen - a fine fish from a very skinny run:

Taking cover, Nick approaches a very enticing run. Take note of the water clarity - despite the rainfall, the river was crystal clear. Fish were spooky, but were willing to rise.

Nick makes a cast into some shaded water:

As I stepped up to fish the next run, I lifted into a very positive rise and was met with a healthy bend in the 1 weight rod. I risked my chances of landing it by commenting to Nick that it could be my best Wellow fish of the season. Luckily, depsite its eagerness to get amongst the submerged roots, I slipped the net under an exceptional brown trout.

In a stream of this size, such a specimen is a fish of which to be proud. I was exactly that.

It was pleasing to see such quality fish and these 12"+ fish are a wirthy prize - and it's easy to go a whole season seeing just a couple of these larger fish. However, beyond our bet expectations, Nick met equal success just around the corner. The fish we had spotted under the bridge rose. Nick covered it with his first cast - inch perfect - and a classic take saw Nick hook another beautiful fish.

We both managed several fish - but to both succeed with such larger fish is a very positive sign and really champions the quality of these streams and their potential. We carried on fishing a few runs, but as the light faded, I am pretty sure we were both satisfied with an extra-ordinary evening's small stream visit.



Unknown said...


I've put holes in two pairs of waders this year, kneeling down due to low water levels. But if you have to do it, you just do it.

vgb said...


A top evening. Even with my limited time on that stream it has shown a visible improvement in fish quality.

Hope to catch up soon.



Nicholas Steedman said...

Great evening Dave! Still reliving catching that beauty from under the bridge. N

Witham Piscator said...

Wonderful to read of such good sport, and beautiful fish. Well done.