Sunday, 3 July 2011

Warm, summer evenings are often an invitation for some spectacular fishing - especially when faced with a fall of spinners. The air is just filled with them at the moment, and whether they fall to the surface spent or crawl down vegetation and tunble down through the current, both brown trout and grayling will make the most of the opportunity:

A dedicated spinner pattern for tough times: tied on a #28

Useful for fish taking sunken spinners, this tiny spider tying has a wire ribbed body:

Although imitating a different stage of their life-cycle, a paradun can also work well durng spinner falls:
There are some nice synthetic materials which can be used to hint at the glistening wings of the spinner:



Unknown said...


What can you tell us about this French leader system, and how you fish it? My river is very low now, and idea's are worth a look?



Dave Wiltshire said...

Richard, I will writemore soon when I do a post on French Nymphing - but in effect it is a long leader - may be 9m of leader material - and using small flies pitched upstream and allowed to come round on a tensioned line. No fly line needed at all. Best fished on longer rods. The flies are flicked / placed forwards - not casting in its truest sense. It is very effective and very sensitive.

I will write more soon. Where are you based? If you're any where near me you're more than welcome to join me on the river and take a look.