Thursday, 14 March 2013

Orange is the key

Who knows what fish really see? Whatever the range of wavelengths their eyes are capable of detecting, there is no doubt that orange is very attractive to them. Without a doubt, the colour of the Blue Winged Olive spinner (Seratella Ignita, Imago), is enough to make 'mathing the hatch' with a suitable fly is essential - and orange is key. It is more than that though: an orange tag or hot-spot revolutionises many nymphs and bugs making them more effective than their more sombre coloured cousins.

Getting ready for the new season, my boxes are starting to look heathily full. Here's a  classic and a favourite from April through to September - working its magic in orange:

The Partridge & Orange, tied on Partridge Spider hooks (size 16 - 12)



The Jassid Man said...

Truly a lovely fly! I came by some of the "right" orange color on wooden spools some time ago so I've tied up some for this season. Thanks for sharing!

letumgo said...

Dave - Just dropping by to say Hello and see what you've been up to. Nice to see you still doing such beautiful flies (as always). Love the classic look of these flies. Beautifully tyed...

Ray (letumgo)