Wednesday 27 March 2013

Yellow May Dun

A Yellow May Dun (Heptagenia Sulphurea) imitation tied on an inverted Partridge Gold Klinkhamer hook, size 16. We are fortunate to have these flies on my closest rivers. I don't think the fish ever really lock onto them, mainly because of the lack of intensity of the hatches... but carrying a few imitations can never hurt.


The Jassid Man said...

Hi Dave!

In my favorite small stream they are abundant when they hatch and the trout really target them. It's my favorite mayfly. Thanks for sharing!

Baslowfisher said...

Hi Dave, we have a reasonable hatch here on the Derbyshire Derwent but have yet to see a trout take 1. Other fishers have also made the same observation. Do you have any thoughts on this? They look tasty enough to me!

Dave Wiltshire said...

Hi Colin,

Interesting, and a story I have heard on many rivers. Several things cross my mind. Do they tend to be taken as nymphs? I find that there are certain streams that, suring Damica hatches it seems the fish gorge on nymphs and leave the duns. The fish almost seem 'scared' of the duns at first and only take them after a day or two. The other wonder is if they simply take flight too soon and fish have leanred they are not worth the effort. Spinners tend to be more radily taken which would agree with this theory. Really not sure... but interesting!