Sunday, 3 March 2013

Ready, steady...

Well the Christmas Eve feeling set in on Saturday night as we were planning to hit the Usk for opening Day today. Saturday's weather gave lots of early season hope with some afternoon sunshine lifting the temperature. Exactly what you need to persaude a few olives (Large Dark Olives this time of year) to hatch and then the fish to switch on.
The Usk - flowing cold!

However, by 7pm there was a frost forming and, sure enough, Sunday morning saw a hard frost and a biting Easterley wind was making conditions less than favourable.

A nice opener for Dave Smith, taking a nymph on the duo

In the back of our minds was the chance of an afternoon shift in temperature. By 2.30pm a few LDO's started to hatch, but the fish stayed low and tempting them on a nymph was proving harder than tough.

Good to be out. Back soon when things warm a little.



Fishtec blog said...

It certainly was tough, Dave! Myself, Bushy and Terry were on the Mardy beat and later bumped into Lee.

Fishing was tough and we stuck to dry flies for the majority of the morning to no avail.

Spotted two fish rise, one came up twice so had a shot at it which came to nothing. Hardly any fly until 2pm then a few bursts of LDOs.

Bushy had one which would have gone 2lb in condition and a few popped up. Not easy though, I managed one and pulled out of another one.

Im sure there would have been more fish netted if that wind hand died down though, it was often unbearable on the hands!

Was testing the new Airflo SuperDri fly line, it's the best casting tool for big rivers. Perfect for dries at range. I'll try and get one to you for a review.


Unknown said...

I still get that feeling every night before I plan on fishing new water. Can't wait to get those trout rising. Nice post.

Dave Wiltshire said...

A review line would be great K. Saw some of your photos on FB... good to be out despite the cold. The LDO hatch never really happened for us. I saw a few coming off at 2.30pm and we waited, but the fish just weren't interested. Cannot say I blame them either. Spek soon!

Joel - agreed!