Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Swedish Fly Fishing Show 2010

A few more photos from the weekend:

Ulf Hagstrom (Sweden), alround good guy and fantastic tyer. I owe you one Ulf for arranging the invite:

SRM Emerger, where it should be...

Ulf's Wiggle bait-fish:

Extended bodies ready for action...

... and more semi-realistics from Ulf:

...ready to crawl away:

Also tying was Nik Dahlin (Sweden):

Nik was tying Catskill dries... very well infact:

More to come soon.



Ulf Hagström said...

I look like a real bum! LOL!!!

Dave Wiltshire said...

...but it looks just like you Ulf :)




Niklas Dahlin said...

Youré a louse photografer mate :-)

Dave Wiltshire said...

Sorry Nik, that's just the way the picture of you developed...

:) :) :) :)