Wednesday, 17 March 2010

More from Sweden

At last weekends show, I had the pleasure of tying next to Philip White. Philip is a very talented tyer and demonstrated some superb mayfly patterns - he has flies to suit multiple stages of the hatch.

It was interesting to chat with him about tying, fishing and politics currently shaping fly fishing. His no-nonsense views and willingness to speak his mind regularly made me smile. My only regret is I didn't spend more time watching him tying.

One of Phil's mayfly patterns:

Another new acquaintance was Simon Graham. A South African living in Finland, he is a really interesting guy. He specialises in tying pike flies and guides in Finland:

One of Si's creations:

Hopefully he will make it over to the UK for some pike fishing on Chew. Check out his websites too: Baltic Fly Tours and Pike Fly Fishing Articles.

Tommy Kjaergaard (Denmark) was also at the show. He was tying fully dressed salmon flies. Truly amazing pieces of art work. Interestingly we chatted about how he spends one of his fishing days every time he takes a trip, fishing the classics - and they score well for him:



All about the grab said...

Thanks for the mention Dave. Basks in his 5min of fame then skulks back to his man cave.

pedros said...

Good feedback regarding Phil White. I have a day tying with him on Sun 28th. Not met him before