Friday, 5 March 2010

Para-CDC Emerger

Another in the fly stand for next weekend:

Hook: Varivas 2200BL-B #18
Thread: Hends Synton, dark brown
Abdomen: Orvis Spectrablend, light yellow
Thorax: Squirrel
Wing: Funky fibre, tan
Hackle: CDC, khaki



Midgenut said...

This is absolutely a superb tie! The contrast of the squirrel for the thorax versus the CDC gives you both a distinct color variation, but also offsetting textures as well. The end result being subtle contrast and a fly that should fool a great many trout... I know of a couple of spring creeks where this pattern might well rule the day!

Loops said...
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Loops said...

Lovely fly Dave I echo Midgeman's comments about the contrast in materials. Previous comment was deleted due to typo!

Dave Wiltshire said...

Thanks folks ;)