Monday, 15 March 2010

Fly Tyers' row at the Swedish Fly Fishing Show:

This was a really great event and I am very pleased to have been a part of it. Amongst the familar faces were some new tyers - and this was an opportunity the chat through ideas, different materials and new techniques. Whether you're tying at the fair or just watching, you cannot help but find your enthusiasm is fired - and all just in time for the new season.

I'll update regularly with pictures from the fair and some examples of the incredible skill that was on display this last weekend.



Nickolas Wright said...

hope you had a great time

Unknown said...

It was very nice meeting you Dave, thanks for showing me how you tie one of your scuds :-)

Hope we'll meet again!

/Gustav F.

Ulf Hagström said...

I don't care what the rest said about you, I think you are okay mate! ;D

Lots of laughs, lots of friendship and great fly tyers! It was great meeting up with you again mate!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your visit here! And thanks for the flies. Loved your tying. You got me back at the vice :)


All about the grab said...

Yes It was also great meeting you Dave. Hopefully again sometime in the future.


Jan Gustavsson said...

Thank you for the interesting lesson and the flies you gave me and my daughter in Stockholm. You show us how to tie very small flies. Now I have a new challenge because of you.

Dave Wiltshire said...

Thanks for leaving comments. A really good weekend... off to post some more photos now...