Sunday, 14 December 2008

Chew Valley

Chew Valley, December 2008

OK, I know I said I'd post some pictures of Roy's flies, and it will happen soon - but not today...

The rain had stopped and today was much better - forecast was for mist and fog, but it was actually quite clear. So I thought I'd escape from work and the computer and head to Chew Valley for a walk - very wet under foot but really god to get out. Chew Valley reservoir is stunning: lying South of Bristol it occupies some 1500 acres. It is a haven for bird watching, sailing and, of course, fly fishing. It's well stocked with rainbows and there's a good head of browns too - although they are some what elusive. They do show occasionally and they are sometimes monsters! There is also a good head of self-populating pike that offer some excellent sport on the fly - lots of doubles and fish over 30lb. I am lucky enough to have all this within 10 minutes of my house.

No fishing to be had here in the winter, but it is an impressive place. It really hammers home the winter feel - which I love. Plus there's plenty of wildlife to enjoy amongst the spectacular views.

Seeing the Robins around today made me realise they are actually very well coloured to blend with their surroundings.


Great to be out. I'll post the fly pictures soon.

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