Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Wrapping up a year's fishing

Today was a really enjoyable day. I had been invited to fish a beat of the Wylye I had not fished before. There was a biting Eaterly wind that kept the temperature around the zero mark all day. Desite that, I managed a couple of fish, including one around 1.25lb. This was a lovely male fish that put up an excellent scrap. In fact, a few fish even started to rise prompting the NZ style fishing - but it was the nymph that did the work - a small pink, tungsten beaded pattern:

Very obliging fish.

It all became a little too cold though and the pub was calling for a very welcome beer. We didn't fish on, although we tried out some new rods on the grass before heading back. Now another rod ordered...

Thanks to all of those whose invited me, fished and made today so enjoyable. A great way to wrap up a year's fishing.

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