Saturday, 20 December 2008


After battling through the Christmas shopping crowds, I found some peace at the vice. I am fishing tomorrow and thought I'd tie up some emergers for more turblent water (in preparation for a mid-day flurry of hatching flies...(please...)). Amongst the cul de canard used in some of these patterns, I have incorporated a foam back, leaving them almost unsinkable. Useful for that faster water - which I expect there will be even more of with the recent wet weather:


Ulf Hagström said...

Great looking emergers Dave, makes me long for some real fishing. Dtill months to go before that will happen :(


Dave Wiltshire said...

Thanks Ulf.

If only you could get over to the UK. I guess with baby on its way that's out of the question.

Hope to visit Seden this year though!

letumgo said...

Wonderful emergers, Dave! I'd fish them all with confidence.

Doug Korn said...

Great emergers, Dave. I like to use foam for wing cases too... they look very buggy to me!

Unknown said...

There seems to be no stoppin' you at the moment Dave, goin' from strength to strength. I'd hate to be a fish when you're around.

Dave Wiltshire said...

Thanks folks. Good to see even more people checking out my blog - thankyou! It makes it very worthwhile.