Saturday, 13 December 2008

Washed Out

Well, I tried to go fishing today - invited to fish some lovely chalkstreams, but the sudden (although not unexpected rain) put a dampner (literally) on that. I didn't even see the Avon or the Wylye since the roads for me to get there were heavily flooded. Those rivers more prone to flooding had clearly done just that - the River Frome (not the chalk one) was a good 3-4ft up and racing through (and in the fields). It was alot of rain very quickly. So we just aborted the mission with the promise to sort out a new date over Christmas.

Wednesday night was put aside for watching Roy Christie tie at the Fly Dressers Guild (Bristol) meeting. Roy is a great guy, excellent tyer and very informative. Have alook at his flies here:

His inversed, reversed flies are really interesting. I've tied and fished these a fair bit this season and can certainly say they work.

Later I'll post some more pictures of Roy's flies.

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