Wednesday, 2 December 2009

...and on a #20

To demonstrate the versatility of the CDC dun patterns for the River Fly Box, here it is on a #20 Partridge SUD. (A great hook for dries & nymphs)

Hook: Partridge SLD #20
Thread: 14/0 Sheer, tan
Tail: Coq de Leon
Abdomen: Orvis Spectrablend, brown
Wing: CDC, brown (in split thread)

Now both together:



Ricky said...


Ii think the key is the ultra slim body, long tails and plenty of cdc ABOVE the surface. It must look like Birthday and Christams to a dun feeding trout!?

It will be six month before I give it a try, but I will keep you informed. Again thanks, and I do love the the flytying section. We are all never too old to learn.

Dave Wiltshire said...

Thanks Ricky. Keep me updated.