Tuesday, 1 December 2009

CDC Dun - fast water

A variant of the CDC Dun, this pattern does away with the microfibbet tails and introduces hackle fibres instead.

This is a big 'searching' pattern. At times, a larger, high riding pattern can persuade a fish to take and the extra CDC it carries allows it to cope well in faster riffles of water.

Hook: Partridge SUD #10
Thread: 14/0 Sheer
Tails: Rooster hackle fibres, honey dun
Abdomen: Turkey Biot, tan
Wing: Light brown & dark brown CDC blend



Ricky said...

I like the look of this one Dave.

So many people use cdc these days, and on some waters fish can get a little spooked by large flies.

However with the ulta slim body, and the option to change the body colour, I think it could be a goer on my spooky French river fish?



Unknown said...

Nice tie as always :)

I confess I don't trust microfibetts to keep my fly afloat and opt for hackle fibres (barred Coq de León) instead.

The hook bend is where the most mass of the hook is, but the main floatation (CDC) is on the other end.

Thumbs up


Dave Wiltshire said...

Thanks Ricky. I'd be interested to hear how you get on with the spooky fish. I find this pattern useful right down to #21, so perhaps these would help too.

Thanks Jindra: Do you put any floatant on the fibbets? Being nylon they take a smear of floatant well. I prefer dilly wax.

As ever, thanks for taking the time to comment.

Unknown said...

Hi, I use only CDC oil for flotation (usually the M. Petijean stuff).
Never tried separate floatants on CDC wing and tail fibres (and I am not letting anything but CDC oil touching my wing). Maybe that is my problem.

And just to let you know: I love your size 20 even more than the big one ;-) It is a beautie!


Dave Wiltshire said...

Jindra: Thanks.

Also worth a try with some of the powder floatants.


TenkaraOnTheFly said...

I love your blog and beautiful flies, it would be even more awesome if you were on Facebook...?