Friday, 25 December 2009

A very happy Christmas to everyone who visits and reads my blog. Since I started the records of visitors, the blog has received over 12000 hits from more than 80 countries. I am delighted that so many people have taken an interest and encouraged me to continue with the blog. I wish you all a lovely Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

I have always tried to keep the blog dedicated to fly fishing and tying. However, I wanted to add the news that my son, Oscar, was born on Christmas Eve. A better present you could not receive.

Best wishes,


Matthew Eastham said...

Happy Christmas and congrats Dave,


shanksi said...

Thank you for the blog Dave, has been most informative and helpful. Congrats on the new arrival, definitely your best catch of the year.


Phil said...


A Merry Christmas and congratulations on the birth of your Son ! The future of Fly Fishers is in safe hands !


Dave Wiltshire said...

Thaks folks! I am one happy & proiud guy.

Thanks for your kind words and also your encouragement with the blog etc.

Happy Christmas to you!


Troutdawg said...

Nice looking blog and info!

Neil said...

A rather belated Happy Christmas and congratulations! All the best for 2010.


vgb said...

Congratlations Dave, I hope you are settling into the new family routine it is a whole new world, hard work but very rewarding. After 3 sons, we got a puppy instead this year instead though.

Great to see the new patterns, i am very impressed with the czech nymphs, makes mine look like they went for double helpings of Xmas pud. I also noticed the new patterns on #30 hooks, what weight of leader do you use with those?



Dave Wiltshire said...

Happy New Year folks. Thanks for the comments.

Vince: 7x is fine on the #30 so long as it's degreased. They aren't for everyday use ans certainly there will be people who won't want to go so small, but they have their day.

vgb said...


Many thanks for the info. Unfortunately my arms are shorter than the focal length of my eyes but I can see the value in having them in the box.



PS Slip some whisky into your bag for the Sweden trip, the prices are fearsome and a bottle of grouse will win you some local friends. And try the elk stew, fantastic..

Dave Wiltshire said...

Sound advice ;) I'll do exactly that...