Saturday, 19 December 2009

CDC Loop Emerger (spray)

I've mentioned it many times, but the effectiveness of the CDC loop emerger can be, I believe, credited to the footprint. It floats well, but also gives a busy, fussy foorprint in the surface film. There is so much scope with which to play here with endless possibilities of materials and styles. Here's another varaition ~ a little similar to the method used for the CDC Spent Spinner, with a CDC thorax allowed to spill from either side of the loop ~ hence 'spray'.

Hook: Partridge BN15 #16
Thread: Sheer 14/0, tan
Abdomen: Orvis Spectrablend, light olive
Rib: Tying thread with Zelon (caddis amber) inserted between strands
Trailing wing: Woodduck fibres
Thorax: CDC, olive, inserted in split thread
Loop Wing: CDC, natural


1 comment:

Andy Baird said...

Beautiful tying Dave, with stunning macro photography. Those click-ons are a pleasure to view... and study.