Sunday, 6 December 2009

Hook: Partridge SHR #14
Ballast: Flat lead
Thread: Moser Powersilk 10/0, olive
Shell back: Wapsi Thin Skin (coloured at thorax wth black pen)
Abdomen: Speactrablend, cream
Thorax: Argentinian Hare , olive / natural blend
Rib: Tying thread



Ricky said...


I love shrimps, or scud as the Americans call them. This one looks great.

On my French chalk stream, thay are ib biblical proportions, and a well tied scud will move a fish several feet, when feeding.

I have one tied in my site tied this summer, that is a close as I can get to natural.

I will try your little loop nymph, what size have you tried? Is the last one tied and covered with varnish or?

Dave Wiltshire said...


I'll check out your shrimp - always intersted to see the varaiations in patterns and approack to tying.

As for the loop nymphs, I carry them in #18, 20, 21, 22.

None of the loop winga are in varnish - that is the water surrounding the nymph - the loop seems to shroud the fly in water. I am sure this is part of its success.