Saturday, 11 August 2012

As if the diversity of chalkstreams was ever in doubt, my fishing buddy sloped of for a spot of trotting further down the river on a tidal stretch. Not fly fishing, perhaps, by what beautiful fish caught trotting with a centrepin:

A super result!



Unknown said...

I'm not understanding your rod/reel setup. It appears you have no backing/fly line on your reel and it looks like a spincast rod. Please, enlighten me, magician fisherman.

Unknown said...

It's not fly fishing, it's fishing with bait.

The reel is a modern take on a centrpin that stores line (nylon) and is take off the reel as you 'trot' the bait downsteam.

It's a very nice and skillful way of fishing if you know how. Carp on that tackle would fight very hard.

Unknown said...

Ok. That makes more sense especially with carp. Now that you told me, I have seen this setup a lot on the Great Lakes. Thank you for enlightening me.